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Unitron Quantum Line

The Unitron Quantum² line offers effortless natural listening through technology that continually monitors your listening situation and automatically adjusts to give you the best hearing experience possible.

The flexible Quantum² line comes in these styles: behind-the-ear, in-the-ear, in-the-canal, completely-in-the-canal and micro completely-in-the-canal.

Unitron Moxi Kiss

Moxi™ Kiss is the winner of two prestigious global design awards, the stunning good looks of Moxi Kiss offers a fully automatic experience perfect for first time users that want to set and forget. The touch free clear and natural sound is Bluetooth enabled to sync with your electronic devices. Moxi Kiss gives you the style you want and natural sound that will keep you happy.

Unitron Max

The Unitron Max is the newest weapon for your arsenal in the fight against severe hearing loss.  As a Behind-the-Ear hearing aid, the Max offers comfort and stability wedded to its cutting edge technology. The Max perfectly connects to all of your electronics with Bluetooth for an easy transfer between devices.

Unitron Moxi Dura

Moxi™ Dura is the most reliable and durable member of the Moxi family, with long-lasting battery. Designed to be attractive, light and comfortable to wear, you barely notice them. Developed with a focus on natural sound quality, it delivers the performance experience you desire, along with the extra durability you need.

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Unitron Quantum Pro

The Unitron Quantum Pro offers a new level of technological integration in the tiny package of a hearing aid. Available as a Behind-the-Ear, micro Behind-the-Ear, micro Completely-in-the-Canal, and Receiver-in-Canal there is a right Quantum Pro for everyone. Enhanced with a Bluetooth connection, the Quantum Pro easily connects with your TV, phone, or tablet for an optimal hearing experience.

Unitron Moxi Fit

Moxi™ Fit is recipient of the prestigious Red Dot design Award for design excellence, gives you the perfect combination of style and functionality with a push button feature control and telecoil for clear phone conversations. This comfortable, sleek and natural sounding hearing aid is Bluetooth enabled to sync with your electronic devices. The functionality of Moxi Fit gives you the control you need, with the looks you want.